Project 2 – Human-Centered Design

This project was a long one.  There is a lot to think about when it comes to human-centered design.  Creating a persona was probably the most difficult part.  I had to get ideas from my partner but create a model person (persona) that would be able to both tell me exactly what I needed to design but also be general enough to apply to a large group of people.


Designing to fit this persona wasn’t as big a challenge.  I had known pretty clearly what this person would want in a media player so it was just a matter of creating a UI that would cater to that while also looking decent.  I started with the idea of just having genres to choose from rather than searching for songs or artists like normal media apps.  My persona wanted an easy way to just start listening to music and discover new songs to add to their favorite playlists.  They didn’t want the complexity of current apps like Spotify or Soundcloud.  I created a homepage with different boxes for each genre.  The idea is that the end user would click on whatever genre they wanted to listen to and it would start randomly playing songs that fit that genre.

Mobile Copy 8

My onboarding screens are designed to be as minimal as the app while also explaining what features there are and how to use them.  The trouble with the onboarding that I had was that I wanted a particular style for them but that ended up being different than my main homepage.  I ultimately decided to keep the simple line based onboarding because it fit the minimalist character that I wanted it to have.



My visualization page could use a bit of work but I like the way it is heading.  I haven’t decided on a color palette yet but once I do I’ll switch it out for the grayscale that I have currently.  I took the same waveform from the onboarding screens and added another layer that will progress with the song.  The album art is slightly blurred and transparent in the background and the title, artist, and play buttons are all on the bottom and easily visible.



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